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This Apartment Is 45 Square Meters Of Pure Style

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This impossibly stylish small London apartment is just 45 square meters (484 sq ft) and has a spacious living room and a cool kitchen with cafe-style breakfast nook and a pantry wall. The modern minimalist interior designs is all about bright pops of color and function.

Living room design
The living room looks spacious thanks to narrower kitchen design

If you look at the living area you’ll see a great color scheme that keeps the room light but at the same time accentuates different zones like a book shelf or a TV wall. I also love the staircase coffee table and the grouped pendant lights in rose gold finish.

Bright orange sofa brings in a bit of color to the picture and contrasts well with the grey wall and black wooden floors.

Dining area
The dining/breakfast nook is cute in its bold red hue and diner-style
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The kitchen has a smart design where it doesn’t waste any space with the cabinets and working surfaces ready for cooking and a pantry wall holding every other necessity.

The breakfast nook at the end of it is designed in a cute diner-like style with unusual black and white wallpaper and contrasting bright red furniture.

The rest of it holds everything the residents require including a wallpaper-ed bath that looks unusual but luxurious.

45 Square Meter in London

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