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Old Factory Turned Into Loft

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Designed by Marco Dellatorre this old factory-turned loft is an ultimate experiment with textures, materials and finishes. The spacious home retained some industrial feel from its past with the metal-framed furnishings, old-look paint and various other metallic surfaces.

Old Factory Turned Into Loft

Old Factory Loft

From the wood floors made of old ceiling beams to the uneven metal textures in walls and sanitaryware the loft is very detailed and attention-drawing. The space is divided into various zones featuring separate bedrooms and baths.

The materials used in various zones also help separate one from the other. For instance, the living room has an oxidized copper feature wall painted to resemble tiles. The rest of the area is neutral and also featured a metal-framed wall shelving with a climbing ladder.

Abit further to the right is a dining room with brick red walls painted with a paint-coming-off effect. It features a glass table with an industrial metal base and high back chairs. The green tree in a giant pot brings liveliness to the room.

A narrow corridor leads to the stainless steel kitchen that features the back of the glass staircase that leads from the living room to the second floor.

Old Factory Turned Into Loft

One of the bedrooms that overlooks the dining room feature a leather-framed bed and the same oxidized copper feature wall as in the living area. Another bedroom overlooks the living area with the library.

The kid’s bathroom was designed in colorful tiles while another one features metal-looking surfaces. The sink in this bathroom was made in reinforced concrete which gives the bath an added industrial feel while in the laundry the sink was given a different coating which resulted in an effect of uneven texture.

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