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NY Steampunk Apartment

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Are you an avid Steampunk décor lover? Do you have passion for all things Victorian and futuristic? Then, perhaps it is your chance to become an owner of the most awesome Steampunk apartment, because it is now on sale.

Steampunk NY flat

Steampunk Style Flat

Jeremy Noritz, the current owner of the apartment is now putting it on sale for … hold your breath…only 1.75 million $. Renowned movie producer, Jeremy Noritz has purchased this apartment in 2006, for 1.3 million $ in NY. However, back then it looked not remotely related to Steampunk. As we remember from a previos post, Steampunk Interior design is all about vintage. The amazing makeover was done solely by Noritz, from real repurposed items. His entire interior was found on flea markets and dumps and remade into awesome Steampunk interior.

The idea of renovation arouse from his fascination with history of photography: “a time when strange blimps floated gently through the sky against early industrialized landscapes”. This former loft apartment is decorated with a huge 32-feet zeppelin as the center piece. The colors of the apartment are predominantly of brass hues. The apartment breathes of originality and style, yet it has its own charisma and comfort.

The renovation of the interior included all rooms, and his bedroom, that looks like an exploded blimp and other details have been crafted with great care and love. Don’t get confused by the fact that the apartment is now on sale. He regrets selling it, however due to his frequent travels he doesn’t spend much time at his apartment. Though Noritz would not sell his beloved apartment just to anybody. The future owner should also be a big fan of Steampunk.

Discover Jeremy Noritz’s amazing Steampunk flat:

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