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Coco Chanel’s Luxurious Paris Apartment

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Coco Chanel is an iconic figure in the history of fashion so you’d be right to assume her abode looked as stylish and tasteful as her designs. Chanel’s Paris apartment is located above her couture salon and boutique that is now used for fashion shoots and interviews with the press. A curved stairs leads up to the apartment with no bedroom (Chanel stayed at Hotel Ritz in a suite at nights) and luxurious interior design full of details and decorations.

Coco Chanel's Luxurious Paris Apartment

Technically Chanel’s Paris apartment was her office where she draw her designs. The apartment has no kitchen or bedroom there were only reception rooms and a drawing room. Nevertheless the apartment looks quite like home where one would imagine a designer could live.

There are many personal things in the apartment interior that make it unique and full of history. There are sculptures and paintings of Coco Chanel’s lucky charms – wheat and animals. Camellias that she used to wear are also featured on the Chinese lacquered screens she used to place at the doors of each room.

Mirrors are also a great part of the apartment decor as their lavishly decorated frames add ornate luxury to the room. There are books, glassware, statues everywhere as well as rich pendant lights. Tables’ bases are decorated with human figures hold additional lamps while the reception room with a sofa and chairs feature several little coffee tables. Take a look inside Coco Chanel’s luxurious Paris apartment in the gallery below.

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