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House On the Flight of Birds By Bernardo Rodrigues

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House On the Flight of Birds is a project by Bernardo Rodrigues that took 8 years to implement but after looking at it, one sees it was worth it. The location and microclimate have largely defined the design of House On the Flight of Birds. Set in the north part of S. Michael Island in the Azores the house was designed to protect against wind and showers that are common for the area.

House on the Flight of Birds By Bernardo Rodrigues

The red wall’s purpose is to block the winds while providing a protected open roof patio. The lower level is open to the green environment while all the rooms and bedrooms are kept private on the second level of the structure. The ‘wing’ also opens a part of the house with the stairs that lead to the second level.

House on the Flight of Birds By Bernardo Rodrigues

The interior is modern and somewhat futuristic with its quirky shaped windows. The windows are also located in unusual places in the house due to the house’s complex structure. There’s also a swimming pool located near the house while the roof patio provides great panoramic view of the island.

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