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Avant Garde Monochromatic Apartment by James Dawson

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If ever you saw a more stylish black and white interior than this avant garde apartment by James Dawson you have to show it to us. This Parisian-inspired abode is as clean and stylish as a picture. No unnecessary detail, no accessory out of place and the wooden kitchen that will make you rethink those modern kitchen materials.

Avant Garde Monochromatic Interiors

Kitchen and dining view from the living area

The living room is light and in contrast with the black kitchen while the dining room in between is divided from both with a patterened stenciled ceiling that is echoed in the bathroom.

The metallic handles and pendant lights accessorize the strict black and white interior. They add luxe to both areas while avant agrde furniture designs and abstract artworks make the decor.

The bathroom is covered in marble, which again contrasts with stark black wood from which a vanity is made and the ceiling patterns is echoed here as well tying all the rooms together in one color and decor theme.

Black kitchen notwithstanding the room is very airy and light thanks to semi sheer white window and door curtains and white walls. The light wooden floors echo the kitchen but play more towards light-reflecting walls.

Every piece is a statement here but the simple color scheme allows for them to work together. Wouldn’t you want to live in this amazing flat?

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