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“2 Verandas House” In Switzerland

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The “2 Verandas House” In Switzerland designed by Gus Wustemann Architects is a unique minimalist abode. Consisting of two verandas the house consists of spacious rooms with unfinished concrete walls and opening in the walls without window frames or glass. The house has an indoor/outdoor feel thanks to skylights, and open rooms that feature absent walls.

“2 Verandas House” In Switzerland

The house interior is simple and modern featuring smooth concrete walls with pops of natural wood in simple minimalist-shaped furniture. There is also a glazed room in the house with unfinished wood bars stacked against the walls forming a shelving.

Natural lighting comes from skylights and open frameless windows but the indoor lighting is also built into the walls and under the furniture or architectural details. The house boasts beautiful views and a swimming pool with a wooden deck.

“2 Verandas House”

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