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Windowsill Decoration Ideas

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Windowsill is a part of the window that is more functional and can be used for both storage and decoration. The windowsill is often used for planter pots and flowerbeds but there are many other uses for this sunny area in the house.

Windowsill Decoration Ideas

Window Seating

If the windowsill is wide enough it can be transformed into a window seating. It’s perfect for noon rest, reading and daydreaming. All you need is a cushion and some decorative throw pillows. Coordinate it all with the curtains and voila a day retreat is ready. This solution can also be used to make a seating for your pet.

Window Garden

The most common use for windowsill is growing plants as many of them need sun. It’s a great solution both aesthetically and functionally as it’s eco-friendly. Choose same or different size planters that match or nicely contrast each other by color or height and arrange the plants and flowers on windowsill. You can go for minimalistic view with only one statement planter.

Windowsill Decorations

Beside beautiful flowers and vases windowsill can be decorated with stained glassware, candles, seasonal or holiday centerpiece and decorations, mirrors, figurines, framed pictures, souvenirs, and other things. The key to stylish windowsill is to arrange your decorations in a certain manner. If it’s glassware opt for vases and bottles of various height and width, if it’s many small objects arrange them around a bigger central point.

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