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Windows: Frames, Shapes, and Treatment

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Windows are an important part of the interior. They are not only a natural lighting source but can function as focus points in the room. Windows can be of different sizes, shapes, ornate frames can add a bit of drama into the interior, while certain window treatment can transform a regular window with a plain frame into a beautiful focus point.

Windows: Frames, Shapes, and Treatment

Window Frames

Most of the times window frame will define the window’s shape. Arched or Gothic window frames can add a dramatic feel to your room and interior design as a whole. Window frames can be quite plain and regular but they can also be ornate, intricate and beautiful.

Window Shapes

Window shapes can also differ. If you want a specific window shape you need to know what kind of frame you need to be looking for. You can make round or arched windows to add your interior design an unusual twist. Window shape can be sleek, wide, square, rectangular or pointed. Whatever shape you choose it should fit well with your interior design theme.

Window Treatment

Window treatment can make a regular window look differently from changing it’s shape to adding a different stylistic element to it. From window blind or shutter to heavily draped curtains window shapes and frames as well as treatment should all match together or nicely contrast with each other. More plain square or rectangular windows go well with modern window treatment such as blind, shutters and simple curtains. Round and arched windows are good as they are. The more ornate window frame is the less treatment the window requires as the frame itself is already decorative enough. Though if the windows are too big the right curtains may make the look richer and more dramatic and grand.

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