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Well Lit Wall Decor From Lightboys

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Lightboys is a brand of a product designer and master craftsman Jirko Bannas and a creative director and photobook publisher Oliver Seltmann. Together Bannas and Seltmann created a concept of light pictures that light up the wall with their beautiful views.

Lightboys Wall Decor

Well Lit Wall Decor From Lightboys

One of their products is a Polaboy light picture made in a shape of a Polaroid photo. Thanks to modern LED technology the Polaboy frame is illuminating the picture day and night drawing attention to it. The designers can make a custom Polaboy using your own picture.

Collaborating with the top international photographers Lightboys created a new product called Lightwalls. Enlarged photographs are also equipped with the modern LED light panel technology which allows enjoying beautiful photography

Well Lit Wall Decor From Lightboys

Light pictures are amazing for decorating one’s home. The pictures provide the surrondings with a soft glow which means they can fill the room with some ambient light that focuses on a photograph of a landscape or a natural view. This is not only great for decorating a wall but also enhance a room’s atmosphere. What do you think?

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