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TARDIS-Inspired Interior Decorations

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TARDIS, a space ship of a famously known Doctor of Doctor Who series on BBC is a great inspiration source for fans who are enhancing their home. Being a huge Doctor Who fan myself, I’m loving these home decorations and accessories.

TARDIS Inspired Designs

Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas

TARDIS Furniture

Want to bring the TARDIS to your home? Create a TARDIS-shaped furniture item or have it custom-made for you. There is a number of furtnirue items that can be created in TARDIS form from bookshelves to TV stands to beds. If you aren’t good with furniture-making you could try painting the existing furniture to imitate TARDIS.

Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas

TARDIS Office Pod

Since TARDIS is essentially a box it can be turned into a home office pod or a garden shed. The interior of the box can be equipped with a writing desk and shelves to store and organize the working supplies.

TARDIS Inspired Accessories

There are tons of TARDIS-inspired products that can both enhance your decor and fulfill various functions like cookie jars, lamps, wall decals, teapots and mugs and various other houseware items.

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TARDIS Interior Decorations

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