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More Design Ideas For Breakfast Area

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Breakfast area is a great family gathering spot or an intimate space for the morning rituals. There are many ways of creating a breakfast area according with one’s tastes. It can be cozy and inviting or more formal and luxurious. It can be more spacious or very small which also depends on the location of it in the house, the size of the house and its architecture.

Breakfast Area Ideas

More Design Ideas For Breakfast Area

That Space Beneath The Staircase

…is simply too big to leave unused. If your hallway is wide enough you could set up a breakfast area using the staircase as an architectural opportunity. See how the staircase design prompts for a bench at that staircase that otherwise could just be used as a hallway bench. Add a table and a couple of benches or another chair back bench and the breakfast area is ready.

Luxurious Decor

More Design Ideas For Breakfast Area

Breakfast area can be casual and cozy but if your house is sophisticated you can create a breakfast area in a luxury style with tufted chairs, tea table with a creative base and beautiful pendant lights.

Go Futuristic

More Design Ideas For Breakfast Area

This amazing futuristic seat and table is a great idea for a breakfast area. It can also double as a small party area for friendly gatherings. The exposed lightbulbs add to the feel of this modern/futuristic eating area.

Feature Wall

More Design Ideas For Breakfast Area

A feature wall can make a breakfast area a space of its own. It will give it a focal point which will make it a room within a room (kitchen or living room). Go with bold wall decor that you like and that will give you energy and great mood for the entire day.

There are more ways to create the breakfast area that you will enjoy every morning from quirky seats to cozy and colorful cushions. But design solutions are not limited to decor only, use architecture and furniture to create space you will enjoy.

See Stylish Breakfast Area Design Ideas>>>

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