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How To Decorate Awkward Corners

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Awkward corners don’t look flattering but sometimes are inevitable. There are many ways of decorating those spaces to fill in the blank spots in interior design. It’s best to avoid furniture arrangements that create awkward corners. However if there are some of those in your home decor it’s quite easy to fill them in with decorative things.

Decorating Awkward Corners

How To Decorate Awkward Corners

Decorative Screen

A beautiful decorative folding screen makes for a great corner decoration. It can be adjusted in size and fit into the corner covering up the empty space. Choose a screen that fits with your room’s style and color scheme.

Reading Nook

Together with the screen you can add a chair and a side table to create a small reading nook. Charming, simple and functional.

How To Decorate Awkward Corners

Corner Shelf

Corner shelves are great at filling in the angled spaces. Display objects and decorations or create a mini library in one of the awkward corners of the room. There are various corner shelf designs and styles on the market that will fit almost any home decor.


A plant does not only decorate the awkward corner but also adds a lively touch to the room decor making it more cozy and inviting. Choose a plant according to room’s conditions like sun exposure and humidity and plant it in a beautiful decorative pot.

How To Decorate Awkward Corners

Floor Lamp

A stylish floor lamp can be a great addition to an awkward corner. It’s also functional as you can read sitting on the sofa or in an armchair which makes for an effortless space-saving reading nook.

How To Decorate Awkward Corners

Art Piece

A good art piece always looks good even if placed in the corner to decorate an awkward empty space. It can be a sculpture, an artwork or anything else. Also consider floor vases, decorative columns, and tile stoves.

Side Table

A side table is a grat surface to display a smaller decoration. Place in the awkward corner together with a beautiful centerpiece or glassware arrangement. A beautiful table lamp can also make an impact and add a splash of color to the room decor.

The easiest way of course is to fill in an awkward corner with a beautiful chair with eye catchy upholstery. It is a great solution for dining and living rooms as such spare chairs can provide for additional seats.

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