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How to Create Stylish Feature Wall

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Feature wall is not only for family portraits and framed photographs. Find out more exciting ideas of how to create a stylish feature wall. Not that photography is not stylish, but there are many more cool feature wall design ideas to explore and recreate in your own interior design.

How to Create Stylish Feature Wall

From artwork to decorative accessories like clocks, plates and mirrors you can create any feature wall design you can think of. Besides there are plenty of other decorative options like vinyl stickers, patterned wallpapers, or interesting wall paint design.

Choose the wall without doors and windows for your feature wall design. You can also choose the one with the chimney piece and alcoves. Feature wall is usually the brightest in the room. It jazzes up the calm interior design and adds color, depth and personality to your room decor.

Feature wall is perfect for complex patterns, bright colors, and intricate accessories. It also gives a larger focus to the room in general and can tell about the room owner’s personality. Some feature walls have a lively paintings that imitate natural sights like sea, forest or something else. You can also leave one wall completely bare featuring brick so that you get an industrial vibe to your decor.

Think about what you want to have on your feature wall. It can be a beautiful wallpaper or painting, but it can also have shelves with your favorite books, decorations and pictures. You can express anything from your personality to your style through the feature wall and yet make your design look complete and bright.

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2 Responses to “How to Create Stylish Feature Wall”
  1. JW Benson Says:

    Oh to have home like that one day! Some great ideas for wall designs.

  2. Peggy Says:

    Entrance to my new house meet a wall and I really like to make it a exceptional feature wall but I don’t know what to do, any suggestions? Shall I have part of it set in a little, like a kink or put a big picture there or something else. The wall is about 3 meters wide and 2 meters high. Would appreciate any suggestions. We live in Asia.

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