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Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

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Thanksgiving is coming so it’s time to think about table decor. Start thinking about the color scheme of your Thanksgiving table decor. The colors range from deep brown to burnt orange so choose several colors from the spectrum. Choose neutral tableware and a statement table cloth or vice versa and add some decorations to it.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Decor

Pumpkin Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Take a medium pumpkin and carve out all the pulp and seeds to get an empty pumpkin bowl. Let it dry a bit then start filling it with flowers, plants or leaves. You can also place a big candle in it decorating with a couple of leaves or you could also fill it with apples and berry clusters.

Guest Favors

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Guest favors are not only a great way to welcome your guests at the Thanksgiving table but also to decorate it. There are so many guest favor ideas from delicious homemade sweets to little handmade holiday-themed souvenirs.

Place Cards

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Similarly place cards can be decorative as well as easy and fun to make. While cards can look quite formal and plain you could add something more festive or edible to them like a pear or a small Thanksgiving card, a caramelized apple or a pinecone. You can tie (or glue) the card to the guest favor or to any decoration with a ribbon or thread.

Festive Coasters

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Holiday-themed coasters are a great addition to the table. They can be ready-made or DIY. Big maple leaves that aren’t too dry would perfect as coasters. You could also make them yourself from a more solid and durable material. You can sketch any form on a piece of cardboard or a cork sheet and simply cut it out in several pieces.

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