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How To Update Your Christmas Ornaments

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Christmas ornaments are a great way to decorate home for the holidays. But they can also be too costly to replace every year. Here are some ideas on how to update your Christmas ornaments without getting rid of them or buying new ones.

How To Update Your Christmas Ornaments

Updating Christmas Ornaments

Glue & Glitter

Add texture to your Christmas baubles by covering them in glue and dipping into glitter or beads. You can cover them in glitter entirely or partially at the top or the bottom. Choose similar color beads for a more subtle look or contrasting to achieve a colorful look.

Decorative Thread

If you don’t want to repaint or otherwise alter the Christmas ornaments but simply try another look with them cover them in fabric or decorative thread which will help you update them bit also preserve their original look which you can go back to again.

How To Update Your Christmas Ornaments


Using small dot of glue decorate baubles with lace or other beautiful fabric. Lace is a great material that will add texture and pattern to the baubles clear or colored.


Choose a safe paint from a craft store in your favorite colors and repaint the old baubles and give them new life and beautiful fresh color. You can also use it to paint some patterns and pictures on the baubles.

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