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Festive Outdoor Dining Area Decor Ideas

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Whether celebrating wedding or birthday an outdoor dining area is a great place for holding a festivity or a party. On a budget? Take old furniture from garage outside or some indoor furniture in protective slipcovers and set up a dining area near the house for convenient access primarily to the kitchen and other rooms.

Festive Outdoor Dining Area Decor Ideas

String Lights

Table decor is half of the effort of creating festive atmosphere. String lights are great at making the place look magic and festive. Hang them around on trees if there are any and enjoy the beautiful glow.


Paper lanterns, plastic or metal lanterns are two great for hanging around the area or keeping on the table. They provide both light and decoration. A powerless chandelier can also be a great decoration among the trees even without providing any light.

Festive Outdoor Dining Area Decor Ideas

Green Arches

Green or flower-decorated arches or canopies are great for celebrating romantic events like wedding or engagement. Think gazebo, canopy, or arbor whith a dining area or place a decorated arch in front of the table so that the guests went through it before seating.

Decorated Furniture

Table decor can be enhanced with chair decor as well especially if you have different chairs that don’t look too harmoniously together. Go for decorative uniform cushions, slipcovers, ribbons, and all kind of other chair decorations.

Outdoor Dining Area Decor Ideas

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