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20 Amazing Thanksgiving Wreaths

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There are many ways to create a beautiful welcoming Thanksgiving wreath for the holiday. And you can use any materials and produce to create one. Or you could always look for a creative ready-made on the internet sites like Etsy.

20 Amazing Thanksgiving Wreaths

Use wheat ears and dry corn leaves to add volume to your wreath. Other autumnal plants and flowers can be used to add a decorative element to the wreath. Even apples and small gourds can be added as a decoration.

To create a textured natural wreath opt for some thin flexible branches which can look great and complete on their own. You can attach some feathers, leaves, or fruit and vegetables to it for a decorative purpose.

Even an old sack can be cinched here and there to create a shape of a wreath. Also think pinecones, berries, leaves and other things as your wreath material. Add a ribbon to the final product to hang it on the door or wall.

Twenty Thanksgiving Wreaths

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