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Harlequin Wallpaper Spring 2011 Collection

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Harlequin is a design brand that creates designer fabrics and wall coverings since 1960. Their wallpaper Spring 2011 collection is truly amazing. Whether you would like to remodel your room or apartment a bit or get in spring mood with a wall of bright floral coverings Harlequin offers to see an extended collection of wallpaper full of color and brightness.

Harlequin Wallpaper Spring 2011 Collection

Harlequin wallpaper Spring 2011 collection is a combination of traditional and modern styles in an extensive color palette with various prints including big flowers, stripes, and mosaic. These wall coverings are meant to make your home chic yet welcoming and bright.

Amelie Wallpaper is described as a combination of English garden and French classic style. Big flowers in bright hues and thick pastel stripes can decorate any room. Folkloric Anoushka is full of provocative patterns and bright hues. It will make the room both bohemian and homey.

Amaranta Wallpaper collection is fully floral with 40s and 50s vibe. All in all Harlequin wallpaper Spring 2011 collection is very spring-like full of bright colors and floral prints and patterns. You will find many more interesting wallpapers in the gallery below and at

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