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Outdoor Decor: DIY Trellis Ideas

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Lately we’ve been talking about vertical gardening and floral exterior decoration that sometimes may require growing climbing plants and vines. Since support is vital for vines we gathered some ideas on how to do them yourself. There are several ways of creating a DIY trellis (or pretty much anything else) – building from scratch, working with what you have and repurposing.

DIY Trellis Ideas

DIY Trellis

Barbed Wire Spider Web Garden Trellis by Dan Towell (Etsy)

To build your own trellis you need construction skills and material; most common is wood. You can use solid woods or pressured types. Sketching your trellis prior to work will help determine the shape and design and measuring the location where it will be installed will help with figuring out the size of the trellis. If you work with wood you can create a lattice trellis, but in case your skills are limited go with a simpler design.

Working with what you have is much easier and doesn’t require much effort. If you have an old trellis that needs repair or a makeover it’s quite easy to upgrade with help of a hammer or paint. If you have an arbor or a pergola, you can use them as trellises too. You can also use old broken tree branches to build your trellis.

When it comes to repurposing you just have to try and find out what will work for you. It can be an old door with mesh netting, or an old picture frame that you can enhance with strings for additional support.

You can repurpose many things as a trellis. Anything that has mesh netting, latticework elements and various other details that can potentially work as support system for the vines. Think metal bed frame headboard, lattice window frames, bike wheels, and such.

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