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DIY Recycling: Plastic Bottles

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Plastic bottles are everywhere these days so even if you are very eco-conscious you may end up having a few lying in the house. But before taking those out in a recycling bin you may find a few ideas on DIY plastic bottle recycling below quite inspiring.

How to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottle Terrarium

Plastic Bottle Terrarium


One of the obvious ways to recycle old plastic bottles is to make planters out of them by cutting off their tops. You can paint the pots or cut them to give them interesting edging. You can also use the bottle horizontally cutting out an opening at the side to have more space for the plant.

Hanging them up on a rope is the easiest and less consuming way to create a vertical garden. Stacking the bottles will also make a vertical garden system, plants will just need a few openings to breathe.

Cutting off the top of the plastic bottle can make a great protective cap for small seedlings that need warmth to grow. Placing a cap on the planter will make it a terrarium.


Plastic Bottle Curtains

Curtain by Michelle Brand

Cutting off the bottle’ flower-shaped bottoms and hanging them on a string can make for great outdoor or indoor curtains. Designer Michelle Brand is making her sustainable designs out of plastic bottles, which include these beautiful curtains, lights and chandeliers.

Solar Heater

Solar water heater

Solar water heater by Jose Alano

A solar heater is a great way to bring more warmth to the house without paying extensive bills. The author of the invention Jose Alano used 60 two litre plastic bottles, 50 pieces of carton and some other materials to build his own solar water heater back in 2002 and now still shares the information on how to build it. There is a leaflet with pictures and instructions in Portuguese, but you can find instructions in English on the net.

Just like tin cans plastic bottles can be turned into bird feeders or desk organizers. With a bit of skill and inspiration you can also make various decorations out of plastic bottles.

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