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Fun and Creative Interior Decor Solutions on Budget

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Always wanted a moon to be your lighting or wine stains decorate your tablecloth instead of spoiling it? Wondering how is that possible? Creative interior designers constantly work on innovation in design making all the impossible things to have in your interior design real and on budget.

Fun and Creative Interior Decor Solutions on Budget

Norwegian designer Kristine Bjaadal has created a tablecloth that, on the first sight, looks like a conventional white floral-print tablecloth but once the wine, coffee or tea is accidentally spilled on it shows the butterfly decoration that was hidden before. The color of butterflies depends on the color of liquid spilled.

Fun and Creative Interior Decor Solutions on Budget

Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel from LAMA Concept LED light carpet combines both interesting carpet and lighting. LED built in a 100% woollen carpet. Stylish and illuminating LED Cell is made in various color schemes to suit every interior decor. The carpet is also eco-friendly, if the part of it wears out you can simply replace it without the need to discard the whole thing.

Fun and Creative Interior Decor Solutions on Budget

Many designers today try to create stylish yet multifunctional and space-conscious furniture. Teddy Luong and Dennis Cheng have designed a light multifunction ‘The Condolisa Table’ at $216. The cube-shaped table has storage boxes where you can keep books and other things.

Fun and Creative Interior Decor Solutions on Budget

TubeMe Chair. It looks so unusual, but it also gives you an opportunity to create yourself. Danish student Ellinor Ericsson, 23 has come up with a genius idea of ever-renewed armchair that literally has…arms. The thin metallic carcass is supplied together with soft tubes, which could be interwoven differently every time.

Fun and Creative Interior Decor Solutions on Budget

So you wanted a moon at your own place? You can have one only for € 170 (table moon) or € 270 (pendant moon). Italian studio design In-es.artdesign has concerned itself to provide every one with a beautiful illuminating moon-miniature for their home.

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