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Forms In Nature Chandelier Creates Tree-Shaped Shadows

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When we say that lighting is a great way to decorate we, of course, mean the use of task and ambient lighting for highlighting objects and creating atmosphere. But Forms in Nature Chandelier by Hilden & Diaz offers an absolutely different and beautiful way of decorating with light and shadow.

Forms In Nature Chandelier By Hilden & Diaz

Forms In Nature Chandelier

Forms In Nature Chandelier by Hilden & Diaz

Inspired by drawings of a biologist and naturalist Ernst Haeckel this chandelier is not only beautiful but it also creates shadows in forms of trees and branches on the walls and ceiling. This creates a magic forest atmosphere in the room and decorates plain walls.

The light can change instensity so when it’s lit with a dim glow the chandelier produces almost no shadow but focuses on the shade itself. Add intensity and the shadows will show.

Decorating with shadows may not be as manifest as decorating with wall stickers, but it sure does create unique atmosphere. Forms In Nature is not the first lamp that was designed not only to bring light but also create certain patterns and effects. The first example that comes to mind is Gourd Lamps by Calabarte only they produce beautiful light effects on the walls, cladding the room in a shadow. Another example is Tom Dixon’s Etch Wed Lamp that creates web-like shadows.

But lighting is not the only tool of decorating with shadows. When we first saw the Forms In Nature chandelier we remembered the Prefabricated Nature house by MYCC studio that turned a house’s facade into a picture of cutout silhouettes that produce shadows in daylight and lit at night as the residents turn on the artificial lights.

Forms In Nature chandelier differs from these examples though in that it takes up the whole room and instantly creates atmosphere and not just an effect.

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