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Entry Hall Design Ideas

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Entry hall is the first thing we see when entering the house so it must not be neglected design-wise. Usually halls include such things as closets, cabinets for footwear and chairs. But it doesn’t mean their design cannot be interesting and eye-pleasing. There are many ways of jazzing up your entry hall design so today we are giving you some of the ideas. Whether your entry hall is small or spacious take into consideration the same factors that are present in any interior design. Feature walls, space, color schemes, decorations and accessories.

Entry Hall Design Ideas

Feature wall

If your entry door faces the wall it is a great opportunity to delight yourself and your guests with some creative wall art or decoration. Mirror can also make the hall look bigger. A wall of pictures can also be quite interesting and engaging.

Creative hangers

Creative hangers may not only decorate your entry hall but also make you laugh and smile each time you come back home and hang a coat or a jacket. A multipurpose hanger that is combined with furniture can also look attractive and unusual.

Interesting color scheme

Color plays such an important role in interior design so don’t miss a chance to play with color schemes and find something interesting that will jazz up your entry hall. Wall coverings, furniture or rugs can make a bold statement for those who enter and show off your taste immediately.

Small spaces

Small-spaced/one room apartments don’t really allow to have enough room in the entry hall for all the furniture and stuff but you can use built-in shelving with hangers and sittings to help you free up some space there and still enjoy the furniture. If however there is no walls and space between the entry door and the rest of the apartment then you can simply go with wall and floor decorations to demarcate the areas and decorate the entrance and the room.

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