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Neoclassical Decorating Style

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Neoclassical decorating style takes its roots from Greek and Roman discoveries in the eighteen century. Thus the style is lush but elegant. The major influence on neoclassical style had the Scottish architect Robert Adam who had reinterpreted the classical concept by adding architectural elements from different cultures to it.

Neoclassical Decorating Style


Colors in Neoclassical style design are mostly light – cream, gray, pale blue, yellow and green. Black, red, gold and Terra cotta were used as accenting colors. The wallpaper was used together with murals and ceiling decorations all of which created a luxurious look.

Neoclassical Decorating Style


Neoclassical furniture is simple but geometrical. The furniture was made of dark wood as well as the flooring which could also feature marble and stone. The Persian rugs were as floor coverings. Fabrics during this period are luxurious and include silk, brocade, cotton, and wool.


Urns, jars, Wedgwood china, pottery, screens and statuary decorate the Neoclassical interior making for a really luxurious and detailed look. Big mirrors and artwork decorated the walls together with moldings that extended from ceiling to floor.

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