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Moroccan Decorating Style

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Moroccan decorating style is beautiful, ornate, and warm. A mix of Arab, French and Spanish art deco as well as Berber styles looks very exotic and is appealing to many.  A traditional Moroccan style is very ornate but its modernized version is lighter featuring a few accessories from the classic Moroccan design on a clean background.

 Moroccan Decorating Style

Colors in Moroccan style are quite rich ranging from blue and green to orange and gold. The style takes colors from nature and landscapes of Morocco. Furniture can be simple and low set but some pieces such as tables and poufs can be decorated quite intricately. Ironwork and carved wood are very common to Moroccan style.

Rich textures and patterns also enrich the Moroccan interior design making it look really exuberant and yet sophisticated. Elaborate throw pillows made from luxurious fabrics are one of the key accessories. Fancy lanterns and lamps give subdued light while candles will only add mystery to a decor in this truly beautiful and elegant style.

Tile and hardwood are used in flooring covered with lush rugs and cushions to create the atmosphere of Moroccan home merged with the outdoor oasis landscape. The indoors feature silk or netting to keep away the insects which also gives the Moroccan decor that mysterious feel.

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