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Modern Style of Mid-Twentieth Century

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The mid-century style is the one that’s been considered modern mid-20th century, from mid 1940′s to 1970′s. Mid-century modern style is a bridge between old and new, natural and modern. During this time designers have created bold aesthetic interiors with modern patterns, geometric shapes, and bright accents.

How to Create Modern Style of Mid-Twentieth Century

Home interior in Middle 20th century style

Home interior in Middle 20th century style

Decades later we still can create the last century’s modern style in the house interior. Modern style combines simplicity and functional comfort in chic interiors.

Nature was a stylistic inspiration in those years. Creating the style, consider using natural accents or wallpaper with natural motifs to create the impression of connection with nature.

Home interior in Middle 20th century style

Home interior in Middle 20th century style

Simple lines, clean shapes are commonly found in this style. In mid-20th century designers have tried to emphasize the basic, most essential forms of furniture. There is nothing superfluous or unnecessary. All is aimed to preserve the style of that time.

Warm neutral palette is one of the major components of the modern style of the last century. But these colors will not be enough to reproduce the style. Warm colors are intertwined with rich, saturated colors that add dynamism to the interior.

Home interior in Middle 20th century style

Home interior in Middle 20th century style

Designers have made bold changes at that time. And this modern style is more than any other has many iconic names and achievements. Furniture of that time can be called almost a work of art or functional sculpture.

Clean lines of this style need to be complemented with appropriate lighting. Lighting is interesting, unique and critical in a truly modern style of mid-20th century.

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