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Indian Bridal Store in Elegant Craft Style

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Tashya is a bridal jewelry and trousseau store, one of the most popular salons in the city of Chandigarh in India. The design goal was to recover traditional Indian crafts and make them work in a modern building. The result is a modern shop with ethnic traditional Indian clothing. The interior is made in ethnic style with traditional materials, including copper and steel doors, wood paneling and handmade furniture made by order.

Indian Bridal Store by Charged Voids

Tashya bridal store in Chandigarh, India

Tashya bridal store in Chandigarh, India

The design of the Tashya store by Charged Voids, an Indian studio that was founded by Aggarwal and Siddharth Gaind, won the prize of the Inside Festival in the Stores category.

According to Aman Aggarwal, Charged Voids united traditional national design with modern building technologies to create an interior in Tashya, Indian high class wedding shop in Chandigarh.

Tashya bridal store in ethnic style

Tashya bridal store in ethnic style

Aggarwal said that while developing the design he was inspired by the Indian fashion, where traditional embroidery by craftsmen is still used in conjunction with modern industrial equipment.

The concept is based on the dominant approach of the Indian garment industry, which uses powerful machines and looms, and yet still have these traditional crafts made by Indian masters.

Traditional crafts by Indian masters

Traditional crafts by Indian masters

In the construction industry artisans lose their jobs as their work is already done by machines that are much more productive. But in the Tashya store the designers have revived the practice of construction crafts.

For the interior of the store the designers widely used jalis, traditional wooden screens with decorative patterns carved in them.

Jalis, traditional wooden screens with decorative patterns

Jalis, traditional wooden screens with decorative patterns

Charged Voids produced jalis, using both modern computer technology and traditional methods of making decorative metalwork. As Aggarwal said they wanted the craft practices in India to become a popular trend in construction.

The store also has several private rooms, where those who are less interested in buying can take a break.

Choice of clothing for brides in India is a very important ritual. It is always a great family event, when eight or nine people come to the store to choose a couple of dresses. The goal was to create comfortable atmosphere for those who engaged in the shopping and for those who are just waiting, so that all of them could enjoy their stay in the store.

Copper and steel doors

Steel doors

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