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Art Nouveau Decorating Style

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Art Nouveau decorating style started to emerge in 1890s with the Arts & Crafts movement. Very artistic and sinuous it derived its motifs from nature and arts. The lines are curved resembling the plants and themes are influenced by nature as well – butterflies, dragonflies, birds, peacock feathers, and vines. Curvy and floral patterns are very common for Art Nouveau style.

Art Nouveau Decorating Style

The colors in Art Nouveau are subtle and muted and include pastels, olive, mustard, brown, lilac, sage, white and off white, peacock blue and gold. Walls are decorated with floral wallpaper or plant patterns. The materials used in Art Nouveau are stained glass, hardwood, and iron.

Stained glass can be used in lighting and windows which gives a more ornate look to the Art Nouveau interior design. Curved and sinuous ironwork is all over Art Nouveau style. It usually imitates flowers and plants, the arches and door posts are also curvy and unusual.

Don’t mistake Art Nouveau for Art Deco or otherwise. They are two different styles. While Art Nouveau has died out toward the World War II, Art Deco has emerged around 1920s and 30s. Art Deco is about luxurious materials, sharp design and sleek look. Art Nouveau is nature-inspired eco-friendly as it allows use of hardwood and organically painted wallpaper.

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