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Cool Window Treatments

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Windows are an important part of the interior. They not only let the natural light and views in but they also make great room focal points. If the window is a focal point in the room re-decorating it can give a room a whole new look. From curtains to frames and glass the window treatment will not go unnoticed.


Cool Window Treatments

Big windows can use curtains to provide some privacy when needed. The bigger windows require more fabric so it is very important to choose the color and texture that will fit into the existing home decor while add some special appeal to it. The curtains can be trimmed, draped and decorated in a whole variety of ways and it depends on the style of the home decor. For more traditional decor more decorations can be used while the modern minimalist design can be jazzed up with some funky curtains.

Stained Glass

Cool Window Treatments

Stained glass can provide so many decor opportunities. From simply colored glass to drawing and whole paintings stained glass can make a great impact when it comes to windows treatment. Of course, the more intense the color the less light and views come in but on the other hand stained glass doesn’t require shutters and curtains to provide privacy.

Windowsill Decor

Cool Window Treatments

Windowsill can also be decorated to make a change in the focal point. Flower pots, vases, and seasonal decorations can add charm to the window. The windowsill can also be replaced by the window seating with decorative throw pillows and cushions.

Trim Work Around Windows

Cool Window Treatments

Trim work is another great way to decorate the windows. If the windows are big and reach the ceiling the trim work can add a nice touch to them especially if the frames are sleek and simple. The faux columns at the windows can add some grandness to the decor.

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