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United Colors of Barcelo Raval Hotel

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Located in Spain, Barcelona, this amazing hotel sports a great variety of rooms, that have different hues and colors. Discover the amazing interior design of Barcelo Raval hotel that presents a mixture of different textures and styles.

Barcelo Raval Hotel

Awesome Spanish Hotel

The oval shaped hotel, located in the heart of the famous Spanish city, Barcelona, doesn’t really strike as particularly interesting, until you inter its lobby. Spreading many levels of comfort and luxury levels for guests all over the world, there are rooms that surprise everyone who enters. There are 182 different interior designs for these room, and not a single one is alike.

Using many hues and textures, the amazing hotel sports different kind of rooms: for romantic couples, for families, for official guests. This 5 star hotel is an whirlwind of different styles, textures, colors and designs. From the cold blue rooms, to warm and modern light green, these rooms create atmosphere that is special to each room.

Designed by CMV architects, the Barcelo Raval hotel draws its attention by multicolor interior and amazing choice of moods it presents. The illumination helps to maintain the illusion of dreamlike interior. The lights can be moderate at day light, but wild and untamed at night. One of the prominent sites of the hotel is a pool that is located on the highest levels of the 10 storey building. Its open terrace with a pool reveals a magnificent and alluring view of Barcelona at night.

Check out Barcelo Raval Hotel view:

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