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Purple And Green Interior Designs

Interesting color schemes make the room look unusual and creative. There are many interesting color mixes that can inspire and give new and fresh look to your decor. Purple and green color scheme is one of those.

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Purple and green is simply an amazing color mix as it is both colorful and elegant. Both colors in rich as well as pale shades look great together. Purple and green can be used in a living room or any other room that needs brights. Though one of the colors can be lighter in shade than the other.

Purple And Green Interior Designs

Color Scheme

Both colors can be in rich or pale shades it all depends on the room that needs decorating. If it’s too small rich bright shades can make it seem boxy so it’s better to chose lighter shades of purple and green. The main color can be lighter than the secondary one.

Purple And Green Interior Designs

Accent Colors

Blue and pink make for great accent colors in purple and green color scheme as well as some neutrals can add depth and diversity to the decor. Use purple and green in wall paint or coverings, furniture items, or accents.

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