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Color Scheme Ideas: Decorating In Jewel Tones

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Jewels can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to choosing a color scheme. Take inspiration from nature and decorate your interior with gemstone colors. Jewel tones are very beautiful and match very well making for colorful designs.

Color Scheme Ideas: Decorating In Jewel Tones

Choose Colors

Take a look at the jewels and pick the colors that appeal to you the most. There are amethyst, jade, emerald, turquoise, ruby, sapphire, citrine, topaz, malachite, lapis lazuli and other gemstones to be inspired by.

Use a certain jewel tone as main color saturating the walls or ceiling with it. Another contrasting or complementing jewel color can be used as a secondary color in the color scheme. Balance out the jewel tone decor with neutrals and metallics.

Color Scheme Ideas: Decorating In Jewel Tones

Mix & Match

Mix and match jewel tones in the interior to create a rich multicolor design. Use different colors in accents and decorations to create a beautiful kaleidoscopic multicolor design.


Use jewel tone accessories to add accents to a neutral interior design. Think chairs, ottomans, vases, and lamps in jewel tones for the living room; headboard, bed linens, and throws for bedroom; refrigerator, chandelier, and door for kitchen, and dining chairs and table centerpieces for the dining room.

Interior Designs in Jewel Tones

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