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Budget Friendly Exterior Makeover

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Exterior design is as important as the interior. A beautiful exterior adds a lot to the house’s curb appeal. There are a few easy and budget-friendly ways to get an exterior makeover. Some are more time-consuming than others but they definitely can make a difference in the house exterior.

Budget-Friendly Exterior Makeover Tips:

Budget Friendly Exterior Makeover

Fresh New Paint Color

Paint is one inexpensive way for a quick and easy makeover. Choose a new paint color or hue that would look in the landscape and express your taste and style. Also pay attention to details. Such architectural details as window frames, entrance, porch and roof can be emphasized with a contrasting neutral paint color.

Low Maintenance Garden

Improve your landscape with a low maintenance garden or smooth green lawn. Greenery adds to curb appeal as well as makes the house exterior stand out. Learn how to create a low maintenance garden.

Decorate Porch & Entrance

An impressive entrance and nice inviting porch can will make for a great focal point of the house’s exterior. It is also quite easy to achieve on a budget. Clear the porch from clutter and add two outdoor chairs or a bench or swing seat in a matching or contrasting color. Paint the door in an eye catchy or other fresh color and replace an old doormat.

Lighten Up

Use landscaping lighting to emphasize the beautiful exterior features in the dark and to hide unsightly ones. Display lights can add to the porch design and also function as decorative details during daytime.

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