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Beautiful Monochrome Interiors

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Monochrome interior design is not that hard to pull off. Learn some tips and tricks that will help you liven up your monochrome decor. Gaining more and more popularity monochrome interiors are not uncommon nowadays. Black and white or all-white decor always does the trick in making your house appear stylish. It’s the easiest color scheme to pull off. You can add any wild accents to it, you can play with textures to the fullest, you can explore your apartment’s or houses’ architecture, you can add specific lighting. Nothing can prevent you from throwing in any accessory you like. It’s a blank page for experiments.

Beautiful Monochrome Interiors

Wild Accents

Black and white can withstand accent in any color. Neon green or deep blue, you just need to choose from the abundance of options available before you. Be bold, add splashes of color here and there, in pillows, artwork or lighting and you’ll be delighted by results. But the best part of it is that when you are tired of hot pink pillows you can always change them into any other color you wish.

Exploring Architecture

While you can remodel your home the way you’d like adding rooms or removing walls, you can also play with furniture structure. Complex, edgy furniture will give your monochrome interior a kick, add more depth and complexity to it. Opt for polygonal shapes in furniture and decorations and look for structural pieces.

Add Specific Lighting

Change your monochrome color scheme with lighting. It’s quite cheap and you’d always get to enjoy a different mood in the room. Ambient lighting can be great in ‘painting’ your room in exciting colors. You can also opt for complex lamps and interesting lighting designs as they will look bright against monochrome interior.


To add more depth to your monochrome interior play with textures and patterns in your finishing and upholstery. Playing with various textures can be a great way to liven up your decor and add some depth and warmth to it. Do not underestimate the power of texture. Leather can add chic to the decor while glass can make it modern and cool.

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