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Architectural Detail: Round Window

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A round window is not a usual detail in the house, well, some houses might have one in the attic. But this simple and yet unusual architectural detail can become a real decoration in the house or apartment. A round window can be installed in any room including the bathroom and kitchen. Make sure the window opens especially if it will be the regular window and not the top window.

Architectural Detail: Round Window

Window Treatment

A round window doesn’t necesserily require any treatment. It looks great as it is while a curtain can cover up the circular shape that adds a special touch to the house’s architecture. For a more decorated view pick up an interesting frame that will make the window look more appleaing and eye drawing. There are many different frame designs that can fit almost any decor.


Round top windows are more common but they are usually small. Bigger round window can certainly make a difference in the interior adding new shapes and lines to the house architecture. Medium size window can be installed in a small room or two small windows can be installed in the bathroom. The round window can also be installed in the ceiling for an impressive view.

Round Window In Interior Design:


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