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Porcelain Planters Designs

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Ethereal white porcelain planters is a not very new idea, however this post reveals new collections for your outdoor or indoor greenery. These translucent porcelain planters will be wonderful homes for your loved green ones.

Porcelain Planters

Porcelain Containers Collections

Porcelain planters are a unique way to decorate your interior design. The amazing collection from 224porcelain introduces a series of planters and vases, that if left empty might be used as little decor statues. Japanese based porcelain company 224porcelain, has produced this exclusive collection for a minimalistic and creative decor items. Designed by Akira Mabuchi, this collection is a total must have for those of you who fall for miniature porcelain décor items.

Porcelain Planters

The startling practical question is of course in their size, they don’t seem be very capacious. Well, yes they might not be very functional, but how cute they look in interior design. Originally planned to be used as planters, these awesome little porcelain things can be actually used as anything, even candleholders!

Less original, but none the less, still cute are the porcelain egg planter, that come with a wheat seeds. Coming as a growing seeds kit, this porcelain eggs are a nice addition to your gardening and even indoor greenery. The egg planters are largerly available on the mass market, unlike 224porcelain planters collection. Of course its up to you to chose your very own planters, but remember, porcelain is elegant and fragile and adds style to your interior.

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