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Oriol Llahona’s Suit Lamp for Alma Light

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Oriol Llahona’s Suit Lamp for Alma Light is a great decoration for minimalist and modern design. Sleek and simple it still has curves and shape that make it a great interior decoration. Spanish designer Oriol Llahona has created a floor and table lamp design that reminds of a shirt collar, probably which entailed the name ‘Suit’ an it’s no wonder since Llahona was took inspiration for the lamp in traditional tailoring.

Oriol Llahona's Suit Lamp for Alma Light

Oriol Llahona’s Suit Lamp is great for homes and offices. It will stand great in neutral color schemes as well as against bright shades. The lamp itself is available in floor and table version and comes in three colors: white, grey fumé and ivory.

Oriol Llahona also makes furniture often inspired by urban style and suits offices as well as modern homes. Spanish designer has also created interiors for boutiques like Nine West and car dealer like ManyCars.

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