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Nervous System Hyphae Table Lamp

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Hyphae Table Lamp is an unusual and beautiful lamp by Nervous System. Inspired by veins Hyphae lamp has an intricate texture that shows through when it’s switched on. The vein branches connected together into a rounded shape make a lamp that throws beautiful shadows thanks to light and texture of the lamp. Description by Nervous System:

Nervous System Hyphae Table Lamp

The Hyphae lamp is a series of organic table lamps based on how veins form in leaves. Each lamp is a completely one-of-a-kind design 3D-printed in nylon plastic. The lamps are lit by eco-friendly LED’s and cast dramatic branching shadows on the wall and ceiling.

Besides an eye-drawing design and texture the Hyphae Table Lamp creates a mysterious atmosphere in the room. Nervous System also has other series of intricately textured lamps of round shape made of nylon with UV protective coating.

Nervous System also creates intricate jewelery and dinnerware. Beautiful designs are inspired by life form. There are designs inspired by algae, cells, coral and many others.

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