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Laurence Brabant Creative Glassware

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Laurence Brabant designs creative and beautiful glassware. It’s fresh and interesting in terms of shapes, color and details. Creating new shapes and forms Brabant comes with new unique object as well as adds a twist to the common ones. For example, this beautiful fruit bowl has an opening in the bottom for a fruit to function as its leg. Brilliant!

Laurence Brabant Creative Glassware

Other glassware pieces are no less creative. There are unusual and creative vases, vessels, bowls, candle holders, and glasses. The forms and shapes are unusual and definitely eye-drawing. The texture in some pieces is more complex while in others the shape takes the focus.

Textured glass looks beautifully even when not stained. The shapes of Laurence Brabant glassware are fresh, intricate and simply unconventional while the pieces are mostly recognizable by function. Creative glassware is one of those details that give the decor depth and style. Take a look at Laurence Brabant beautiful and unusual glassware in the gallery below.

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