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It’s Tea Time: 8 Unusual Teaware Designs

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If you love tea, this post will delight and hopefully surprise you with 8 teaware designs that are beautiful and interesting. Tea rituals and recipes vary from culture to culture but with these beautiful and interesting designs you can come up with your own tea rituals making you tea ceremony, unusual, fun and beautiful.

Calf & Half by Liz Goulet Dubois

It's Tea Time: 8 Unusual Teaware Designs

This unusual fun creamer was designed by Liz Gouler Dubois for Fred studio. The Calf & Half design is both playful and creative and can add funky mood to the table.

Blaue Blume Petit Four stand by Undergrowth Design

It's Tea Time: 8 Unusual Teaware Designs

Undergrowth Design’s Tina Tsang has designed unusual and playful tea sets with this unique stand for pastry, sweets and fruit.

Tea-Time steeper by Pengtao Yu

It's Tea Time: 8 Unusual Teaware Designs

This creative tea steeper is an invention by Pengtao Yu. The thing consists of two separable cups one for the tea and another for the brew. The tea and hot water go together to one cup and then attached back to another cup. The thing should be flipped for steeping to begin. When the water pours back into an empty glass the steeping is done and the brew is ready.

Koziol Mini Cup Bags

It's Tea Time: 8 Unusual Teaware Designs

Koziol has created these adorable all-purpose mini bags that are attached to the cup. Dispose a teabag in it, or snatch a cookie.

Mars Teapot by Raju Peddada

It's Tea Time: 8 Unusual Teaware Designs

This futuristic teapot was inspired by Mars and created by designer Raju Peddada. Made of sterling silver this teapot is a total eye-catcher.

Mood Mugs by YankoDesign Store

It's Tea Time: 8 Unusual Teaware Designs

These playful mugs are made to suit every new mood every day. The collection consists of a moody, happy, sleepy, and two new mugs – hungover and cheeky chappie.

Yumbrellas by Benjamin Hubert

It's Tea Time: 8 Unusual Teaware Designs

Yumbrellas by Benjamin Hubert are bright and colorful serving pieces that can be served with fruit or sweets and delicious tea-friendly pastry.

Smilecup by Studio Psycho

It's Tea Time: 8 Unusual Teaware Designs

The Smilecup collection by Studio Psycho is a great mood booster set of a saucer with eyes and a smile-shaped cup that together make a Smilecup.

Take a look at some cool and unusual teapot designs.

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