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Item Of The Week: Random Light by Moooi

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This week’s item is a wispy Random Light by Bertjan Pot that has become a part of Moooi collection and has been used in many different interiors. Spheric web-like pendant lamp in black and white colors is made of yarn in a random pattern which gives it a beautiful intricate texture. Used in a variety of designs it’s apparent that Random Light makes for a great focal point of the room.

Item Of The Week: Random Light by Moooi

Designed by Bertjan Pot and introduced in the Moooi collection in 2002, the Random Light has become a best seller right from the beginning. It transmit a feeling of simplicity, softness , lightness  and a touch of magic in contemporary style. The production process is a special story by itself: a resin drained yarn is randomly coiled around an inflatable beach ball creating a translucent 3D fabric. The beach ball is then deflated and extracted from a round opening in the lamp. At the end the skin becomes the product. Soft and magic.

A lamp’s dramy feel makes it a perfect addition to a summer house, open living room, or a dining room. It accentuates airy places and carries that airy feel into the heavy traditional interiors. It’s also a great choice for minimalist designs as the lamp’s pattern brings in the detail and texture to a design with clean lines and shapes.

Use Moooi’s Random Light in the modern or coastal decor as a focal point or arrange several lamps in different sizes and black and white versions to achieve a beautiful light arrangement. Random Light is also available in floor version and also comes in black and white.

Interiors with Random Light

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