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GreenLantern: Plant Pot and Lamp

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GreenLantern by NuDeLab is a plant pot and a lamp in one. Sleek and stylish design allows this LED lamp some space for planting flowers. Horn-shaped flower pot has power-saving LED lights that give a mild glow. The base of the lamp is a pretty plant pot. The flower or a plant can give a lamp a new twist so it’s up to you to experiment with its appearance.

GreenLantern: Plant Pot and Lantern

Available in a variety of colors GreenLantern can also come in two tones. The lamp is detachable and each part – the plant pot and a lamp can come in different colors. Not only a multifunctional accessory GreenLantern is also a very cool decoration.

GreenLantern is made of liquid wood and plastic. The lamp switches on with a touch due to capacitative sensor. The low consumption light (4.8W) has an output of 298 lumen and warm temperature that doesn’t harm plants. The light is working off an internal battery, which can be rechargeable.

The Natural GreenLantern made of wood is available in three finishes: oil, matt-wax and high gloss. The Standard and Custom versions can be painted according to your tastes. Sleek and stylish GreenLantern can make a great accessory to any home.

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