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Futuristic Lighting: Witch Moth Lamps by Grzegorz Rozwadowski

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Polish designer Grzegorz Rozwadowski has created these amazing Witch Moth Lamps in futuristic style and creative shape. These colorful LED lighting lamps shaped in elaborate geometric style look great on the table as well as on the walls. The subdued gleam disperses as the lamps’ shape breaks and the black frame gives a bright light color a nice contrast.

Futuristic Lighting: Witch Moth Lamps by Grzegorz Rozwadowski

The Witch Moth Lamps are made from separate little triangles painted black with built-in colorful LED lights. The whole shape looks unusual and futuristic making Witch Moth Lamp a great accessory for a modern interior design. The table and wall lamps look equally amazing and unusual while its pendant version looks a bit more conventional due to the rounded shape.

Futuristic Lighting: Witch Moth Lamps by Grzegorz Rozwadowski

Pendant Witch Moth Lamp

Futuristic lighting is a great way to jazz up your minimalist modern home. Beside the beautiful lighting your get to enjoy creative forms and shapes as well as interesting designs. Besides functioning as an accessory such lamp can be removed from home decor when you want to give your decor a quick makeover.

Lighting is very important to the interior decor. You can decide what to show and what to hide by placing lighting at the angles you want or need. Creative lamps with fluorescent or LED lights can make your experience lighting a very different way than standard incandescent lights.

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