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Espresso Lamp Series

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Piers Mansfield-Scaddan has created Espresso Lamp Series, a collection of table lamps inspired by the Italian Espresso pot. Made of anodized aluminum with help of industrial manufacture techniques the Espresso Lamp Series is a great collection of minimalist hi-tech lamps available in a wide range of colors and three sizes – single, double and mini espresso.

Espresso Lamp Series

These are not made for massive production and is limited edition but Espresso table lamp would flatter many interior designs especially those made in hi-tech, modern and minimalist styles. It is also a great solution for the office. The lamp is stylish but has some edge to it.

The color palette is another thing to be noted in Espresso Lamp Series. It is extensive and bright and would add depth as an accent to a more toned down color scheme in the interior design. From black to gold, from pink to turquoise and silver these lamps are simply stylish and cool.

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