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Creative and Funny Wall Hooks

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If you like creative items in the interior of your apartment, you will definitely notice the funny collection of wall hooks called Thelermont Hupton. Two British designers David Hupton and Yve Thelermont came up with these wonderful little things that connect functionality and style.

Thelermont Hupton: Creative and Funny Wall Hooks

Thelermont Hupton collection of hooks by David Hupton and Yve Thelermont

Thelermont Hupton collection of hooks by David Hupton and Yve Thelermont

This small collection is designed for small household items, bags, umbrellas and towels. They will not hold heavy loads, like most hangers. But unlike the most ordinary hooks, the collection has bright features.

It’s amazing how simple and plain hook has been turned into such a fun and creative decor element. Fun hooks, unusual in shape, are suitable for different purposes. Pay attention to the forms that express a variety of expressions and relationships. Here are the signs like “Peace”, “Rock & Roll forever”, “OK”, “Get off”, “Hi” and “Cool”. All these messages are sent to us without saying a word, and they can really brighten up the atmosphere of our interior. The hooks are fun and creative, and filled with pretty simple design. Various combinations of common signs, sticking out of your wall, will dilute the usual routine and delight guests.

The collection includes other designs. For example, a series of knives or other kitchen utensils, and they can be more functional due to their forms.

Thelermont Hupton collection of hooks by David Hupton and Yve Thelermont

Thelermont Hupton collection of hooks by David Hupton and Yve Thelermont

Besides memorable forms, the hooks are decorated in bright colors, which will be immediately evident. Bright red and orange colors create additional effect. There are also hooks in white and black colors for fans of monochromatic designs.

They are made of composite materials with a glossy lacquered finish. This creative collection and any of these hooks would look attractive in the hallway, in the kitchen or elsewhere. They are beautiful, colorful, fun, and at the same time functional. They can become a good and original gift.

These creative wall hooks will attract anybody’s attention and create a playful mood. Looking at the black outstretched hand, you immediately want to say hello, give it a shake and thank it for holding your coat.

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