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Christmas Gift? Histology Dessert Plates

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These Histology Dessert Plates by Emma Smith were created using real human tissues. The patterns you see on these plates are real human cells of organs like liver, thyroid, esophagus and even testicle. Medical illustrator and ceramic artist Emma Smith obtained human tissues from Cambridge University and fired them onto the 8″ diameter plates.

Histology Dessert Plates

Christmas Gift? Histology Dessert Plates

The plates come in beautiful aqua, blue, pink, and purple cell patterns. The Liver plate comes in beautiful aqua color with small white cells that look similar to those on a Testicle plate white cells while the Thyroid one comes in blue purple color scheme with big and small shaped cells and Esophagus plate features a whole tree of cells.

Christmas Gift? Histology Dessert Plates

These fun and weird plates could make a good Christmas gift if you are sure the reciever’s into anatomy and maybe histology. The description says it’s a perfect gift for doctors and nurses, we’re not sure about that but they do look quite beautiful.

You can find these at $60 a piece or $200 for a set of 4 at StreetAnatomy online store. Would you consider these  Histology Dessert Plates as Christmas gift?

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