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5 Folding And Flexible Lamp Designs

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Lamps are great home accessories. But sometimes the novelty of even small details can give the decor a slightly different twist. These five folding and flexible lamp designs are great for those who like constant changes in decor. They can be chaged in shape or folded and used in more than one ways so let’s take a look:

Folding And Flexible Lamp Designs

Lumio Lamp

5 Folding And Flexible Lamp Designs

Lumio lamp looks just like a book when it’s folded but in fact it can become a beautiful wall light or an attention-grabbing table lamp. And it can be formed in various shapes as well making for ultimate light accessory that can be changed from one shape to another. Designed by architect Max Gunawan Lumio is funded through Kickstarter, at $95 pledge ($125 retail price) you can receive a first batch Lumio in different finish options.

Moustache Lamp

5 Folding And Flexible Lamp Designs

Moustache Lamp designed by Inga Sempé looks like a giant lightbulb made of a pleated tear-proof plastic material Tyvek and lacquered metal base. The shade can change shape while giving the same gentle glow.

5 Folding And Flexible Lamp Designs

Ori Lighting

Ori Lighting collection by Producks Design and Mika Barr includes lighting fixtures with patterned fabric shades that can be constantly changed in shape in case you bring subtle changes to your decor.


5 Folding And Flexible Lamp Designs

Greta lamp by WhatsWhat has an adjustable pleated shade equipped with a thread that allows to gather or loosen the shade at certain places to get a new shape. It’s designed in bright colors beside the neutral black and white and is a perfect light for dining room or a kitchen.

Modular Lighting

5 Folding And Flexible Lamp Designs

Modular Lighting by Robert Hoff is the ultimate wall light. Made of aluminium and steel these amazing cubes allow user to change not only the shade of the shade but the entirel lighting angle. Thanks to clever design the resulting lighting options are almost limitless. Check out the video below to see how the lamp can change the direction of light and the form of the shade.

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