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65 Stylish Home Office Nooks

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More and more people are working from home so it’s important for them to have a work station at home with plenty of light and privacy. A home office nook is an ideal solution for small homes that have little free space to create a separate home office.

Under Stairs

Home office nook

Set a desk under the stairs to create a private working nook. Invest in good lighting to ensure the work station is well lit and will not affect your eye sight since the space under the stairs can be quite dark.

In The Closet

Set up a working station in a closet. You can hide it away whenever it’s not in use as well as keep all the working papers in order. Adapt an old closet for work by adding shelves, table and a chair to it. The doors on the inside can be enhanced with some fixtures to create a pinboard or something else.

Near Window

Spaces near windows can look quite empty so a home office can fill them in. Choose furniture and accessories to give the office nook a stylish look and fit it into a room design. Choose the room that is less noisy and has some spare space for a working station. Virtually any room can be enhanced with a home office nook even kitchen.

In The Attic

The attic is a perfect place to set up a working station. Even if it’s not very spacious it provides a worker with privacy, reduced noise, and enclosed space where the working atmosphere is easily created and maintained.

A home office can also be created with help of specific furniture that combines a writing desk with shelving and storage. It can also be enclosed with help of various room dividers and curtains.

Cool Office Nooks


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