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5 More Ways Of Using Dividers In Home Decor

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Room dividers can be used not only for dividing space and providing privacy. There are quite a few ways of using room dividers in home decor. A beautiful room divider or screen can be used to disguise unsightly corner or wall.

5 Different Uses for Room Dividers:

5 More Ways Of Using Dividers In Home Decor


A beautiful room divider can be used for a purely decorative purpose if there is enough space for it in the room. Especially if it features a picture it can be used as a life-sized artwork to take up the feature wall and add a focal point to the room decor.

5 More Ways Of Using Dividers In Home Decor


The room divider as headboard is not a new idea but it is definitely a good one. Choose a divider that fits your bedroom decor and the bed style. Make sure it is not too big and bulky for the bed. There are different styles of room dividers that will add to the bed.

Cover Up

Disguise unsightly views with a decorative room divider. There can be things in the house that may require makeover or replacement but a room divider can temporarily disguise those and add a decorative touch to the room.

5 More Ways Of Using Dividers In Home Decor


A decorative room divider can help add texture to a feature wall. There are many different room dividers with different surfaces and details that can bring in texture to flat painted walls. The divider placed close to the wall will draw attention thanks to the details or its texture.

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